Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Blythe- make an offer?

Years ago I bought a Blythe- the Ashton Drake kind, she came in a paisley dress.  We never bonded.  I thought we would, so I didn't hang onto the box.  She still has her papers- I never opened those.  I'll let her explain...  UPDATE: brushed out her hair a bit, it looks much better than I thought- the ends are a bit frizzy still, maybe someone with more hair styling ability can fix that?  A trim would work too, she's got a LOT of hair.
 The huge 6/1 scale doll is mad at me.  She was looking for my dress when she broke 2 fingernails and half a closet worth of stashed away things fell on her head.  My hair looks worse than hers though...
 Maybe some nicer new friend would help me comb it, a friend who won't leave me tucked in a moving crate for years at a time maybe
 I know I look a little pasty and green- all of us Ashton Drake ladies do- it's because we're trying to be like those pretty Kenner dolls.
 Speaking of green, that big scary mean lady did research, if I were still pretty in my box I'd be worth about $120.
 I've got PINK EYE!
 Then big scary thing said "And take your little dog too!  Maybe that weird friend of yours will go along for a ride in the shipping box with you!"
 This is a customized Little Big Eyes, Blythe wannabes that were on the toy store shelf for a year or so, about a decade back.  This one has had her face sanded to a smooth matte skintone, a little bit of facial painting and a hair cut- it's a cute bob when it's combed.
 Instead of a pull string like Blythes, her eyes change colors by pressing a button on the back of her head.
She doesn't have to come along, but we do get along quite well.
If you think you'd be a better friend, please offer the mean lady a trade or some bail money.  We have a third friend with a broken leg who can come along- she's a Little Big Eyes too, her face is shiny and unaltered but she's been given wavy lime green hair.  She was being camera shy, we'll try again tomorrow.

Human speaking again-
I know I have Blythe's dress SOMEWHERE.  I've also got half a dozen crates of dolls to sort through... if I find it after sending the doll on her way, I'll contact her new friend and send it along.  I'm going to include some extra clothes, shoes and whatnot.  It'll be a surprise, depending how much I appreciate your offer it may include some pretty nifty stuff. 

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